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I've always been mesmerized by New York City and I could never put my finger on why. Is it because of the sights and sounds? Is it because you can eat authentic birria tacos from a food truck for breakfast and on the same city block grab a french croissant for lunch? Is it because it's the city that literally never sleeps? In the moment it's difficult to understand why, but looking back, NYC provided me with a connection to my cultural heritage that no other city can match. As an example, the last Krajan wedding in Sydney was about 6 years ago...which also happened to be mine! Since wife and I have been married we've attended more than 10 weddings across that same time period.

All that to say, living in a city like one makes it difficult to ignore your cultural heritage as you're constantly reminded about it...whether it's the barrage of flyers inviting you to a lounge featuring amazing Albanian singers, the virtually unlimited number of options where you can purchase burek & chevpa, the Albanian flags hanging off Mercedes Benz's and BMW's rear view mirror or those dreaded summers where you're faced with 3 weddings in as many weeks...we're Albanian and it's impossible to run away from it.

I've always loved Kraja but found difficulty identifying how I could support our community. For a while I did nothing about it. About 2 years ago I joined an Iftar dinner hosted by the previous administration and speaking to the members in the council I was excited by the work and effort they were putting in. They had a real, impactful presence on social media, the Albanian School 'Meso Shqip' had opened up providing students with a meaningful education. Shoqata Kraja were collaborating with our brothers and sisters Shoqata's Ana e Malit and Ulqini and most importantly, women had representation in the council. I left with a real sense of inspiration and excitement at the future of Shoqata Kraja. Several months go by and I finally join the organization.

The idea of a new website bubbled up during a council meeting and we were all in agreement that a refresh was required but we had a difficult figuring out what benefit it would unlock for our community. Over time we uncovered challenges related to the existing website:

  • Didn't function well when viewed on devices such as iPads and mobile phones

  • No ability to create an area for Members Only

  • It was difficult to donate and were only accepted via Paypal

  • Editing the website was virtually impossible without significant expertise

  • No ability to implement an online store

  • Most importantly, no ability to communicate with Donors

We took all this into account when designing the new website, and way way more. I'll explain in detail at a later date but in the meantime, please make yourself at home!

Lastly, I'd like to thank Sami Kanaqi and Venera Gjenashaj for providing me with the creative freedom & the opportunity to give back to my community, Drenica Perashi who joined Shoqata Kraja 5 weeks ago & worked tirelessly to bring my ideas to life and finally my wife, who dealt with me while I spent countless evenings burning the midnight oil turning those many thoughts into reality.

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