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Get to Know the Faces behind Shoqata Kraja

Since our founding in 1991, Shoqata Kraja has developed and grown exponentially. We're very proud of the expertise of our staff and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success.



Venera Gjenashaj is an experienced special education teacher specializing in junior high education, with a decade-long tenure within the Department of Education. In the prior administration’s term, she held dual roles as Vice President of Shoqata Kraja and school coordinator of Mëso Shqip. Her significant contributions to the Krajan community reflect her unwavering dedication, a commitment she eagerly looks forward to expanding upon in her upcoming position as President of the Association.


Executive Vice President

Hysen Kraja, a dedicated member with a decade of experience at Kraja Association, held the position of vice president for two terms(2018-2022) and oversaw the management of the association's social media channels. Originally from Kraja, he relocated to the USA at the age of 18. Mr. Kraja is renowned for his community engagement and commitment to national initiatives, making him a valuable addition to our team. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact his leadership will bring to our organization in the future.


Vice President of Education and Strategic Intitiatives

Florina Lekperi embarked her journey in the FinTech industry over 15 years ago. She graduated with a degree in Finance and her career trajectory is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of financial services. Beyond her professional achievement, she fosters a profound sense for the Albanian community and loves contributing to its cultural, social, and environmental initiatives

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Vice President of Communications and Community Relations

Zaim Hajdari began his finance career in 1994 while at City University of New York, climbing to Senior Vice President at J.P Morgan Chase before founding The Hajdari Group in 2009. Renowned for managing over $3 billion and recognized nationally at J.P Morgan, he established his firm on Wall Street. Beyond finance, Zaim is dedicated to community and is excited to be apart of the Kraja Association.


Vice President of Technology

Agim Cura is account executive with over 10 years experience selling enterprise software to Fortune 500. Born and raised in Australia he graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology from the University of Wollongong. Agim combines his IT experience and his passion of Kraje and seeks to digitally transform Shoqata Kraja’s digital footprint.


Secretary and Assistant Vice President of Finance and Accounting

Anesa Nuti is a Staten Island native with roots in Shkoder, Albania, and Arbnesh, Kraje. With over five years of experience in the medical field, she is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a Physician Assistant, specializing in Neurosurgery. In addition to her studies, she has been actively involved in supporting Shoqata Kraja, a cause close to her heart. She finds joy in helping others and is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.

Sami Kanaqi

Honorary President 

Musa Lukolic

Honorary Vice President

Sami Kanaqi and Musa Lukolic proudly hold the distinguished titles of Honorary President and Vice President within Shoqata Kraja. Their remarkable efforts over the preceding two years have greatly benefited the Albanian Community. In their advisory roles, they will provide invaluable guidance to the executive board and offer their expertise in managing the organization's day-to-day affairs.

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