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Albanian School - "Mëso Shqip"

The Albanian school "Mëso Shqip" opened in recent years in Staten Island, namely in April 2022, has more than 150 students who can attend Albanian language classes, traditional dances and Albanian source songs.
It was established with the contribution of three associations: Kraja Association, Ulqini Association and Ana e Mali Association, as well as with the province of parents, teachers and members of the three different associations in diaspora.

When the Albanian school "Mëso Shqip" started its journey, in the first year it reached 50 students, while today it counts over 150 students. All this great work was accomplished by the hardworking teachers, the coordinators of the 3 associations: Kraja, Ana e Mali and Ulqini, successful businessmen, as well as the volunteer parents who are always by our side to be in every activity that the schools carry out.

With the desire of the dedication of the characteristics, the staff of teachers and the care of the volunteers of this school, these two years also organized parties such as those for: End of School Year, Flag Day, Independence of Kosovo, Mother's Day, Annual Picnic, etc.
In the following years, we hope that this school will continue to function and have as long a lifespan as possible.

Teachers at Albanian School

Photo from the activities of the Albanian School

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