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Update From Our Humanitarian Initiatives

Our community has consistently shown immense generosity and unwavering support for our humanitarian initiatives. Through various fundraising events and volunteer efforts, Shoqata Kraja has been a platform with a significant impact on people in need. The high number of donations and willingness to lend a helping hand truly illustrates the generosity and unity within our community.

Such was the recent initiative we took to help a young girl from Gjakova overcome financial obstacles of $10,385.00 dollars to have an emergency operation for the treatment of scoliosis in a specialized hospital in Turkey.

We all gathered within the Associations Kraja, Muriqi, Besi and Gjakova, but also individual contributions from the society of Muriqi, Besi but also from the business community such as Hajdari Group and Arberia Restaurant which makes this work possible.

We thank you immensely, and we wish little Adil a speedy recovery and return to the family as soon as possible.

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