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Association "Kraja" for the first time in the Albanian Parade

The Albanian Parade is held every year in Manhattan, New York, where thousands of Albanians from all Albanian territories living in the USA participate. There, in the world capital, Albanians march with red and black colors with the aim of presenting tradition and national values. The Albanian Parade was held for the first time in 1917, in Boston, organized by the Association "Vatra".

In New York, the parade is organized by the "Rênjet Albanian" Association, and many associations from all over the world take part there, such as the Ana Malit Association, the Dibra Association, the Plav e Guci Association, and from this year the "Kraja" Association also participates with its own float. full of young men and women from Kraja.

The participation of the Association "Kraja" was made possible thanks to the donors who covered the expenses of the float: Caf Boli Dul Perashi Arben Cura Shuqo Braca Samih Kanaqi Adnan Huti Hysejn Kraja Xhel Boli Xhevat Berjashi Agim Cana Safet Mustafa Nefail Perashi Mirsad Kovaçi Fadil Nikezi Osman Markashi Vedat Gjençiqi Ahmet Vela Egzon Doda Sal Gjenashi Qemal Demiri

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