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Association "Kraja" holds the 2019 summer picnic


ASSOCIATION "KRAJA" HOLDS THE 2019 SUMMER PICNIC In the Natural Park "Craigmeur Recreation Complex" on Green Pond Rd Newfoundland, New Jersey, on June 9, 2019, under the organization of the "Kraja" Association, the summer picnic of the Krajan community was held. This time too the picnic was held in the same park as last year. The interest of the participants in this picnic was high and in the early hours of the morning, the locals went straight to the park. They traveled from different areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc., It was a beautiful sunny day, where the locals had gathered in this picnic, that with their massive participation, showed that they love nature and such events, where on this occasion they also gave a great compliment to their association, which has been organizing such gatherings for the community it represents for years. During the whole day, where a beautiful sunny day prevailed, it was very suitable for the members of the local community to spend a day off in a beautiful natural environment having fun in different ways, such as with sports games, football, volleyball, basketball , tennis, etc.. This picnic, in addition to bringing entertainment to the attendees, spending a beautiful day in nature, it also brought, among other things, different conversations or in other words a meeting with a friend, some of whom have not been seen for a long time. in between vedi. Everywhere you saw them in groups meeting, smiling and if you passed by them, you heard them reminiscing about the memories from their hometown but also saying good words about the association, for organizing the picnic. Also, those present at this picnic had the opportunity to have fun with music, where DJ-Mirsad Gjina was tireless in this field, creating a truly festive atmosphere, and it should be noted that the group of dancers left a great impression on those present. Association "Kraja", young men and women who danced beautiful Albanian dances. Applause and cheers do not stop on this occasion, because every community, every parent and every Albanian feels such great satisfaction when they see young people, their own children, Albanian children, the children of the future of our nation, be so enthusiastic in preserving of own Albanian traditions.

Throughout the day, the activists of the "Kraja" Association served free food to those present. On this occasion, we must thank the main sponsors of the picnic, where some of them through their own businesses and some other individuals enabled the purchase of food for this picnic.

Special thanks must be given to these local business owners:

"Unique iron work" - Mr. Skender Popin

"Kanaqi painting & renovation" - Mr. Sami Kanaqin

"Tuscan Table" - Mr. Xhevat Koliqin

"Franks Pizza" - Mr. Bahri Vuka

"Tomatto Garden" - Mr. Ilmi Milla

"Famous Rays Pizza" - the brothers Agim and Lulzim Cana

"Roman Pizza" - Mr. Haki Hoxha

"Everything Bagel and Deli" - Mr. Vedat Gjençiqi

The "Kraja" Association also expresses a special thanks to the other sponsors-individuals who sponsored this picnic:

Reshit Gjina $300

Hajredin Gjina$100

Xhevat Demiri $300

Hasije Demiri $100

Samih Kanaqi $200

Skender Popi $500

Hamid Alaj $200

Rexhep Boci $200

Dul Perashi $200

Brahim Demiri $100

Shaban Subashi $300

Nefail Perashi $200

Also, a special thanks should be conveyed to those local girls who, with their golden hands, made it possible for us to have the sweets prepared by them at this picnic. Thanks from the "Kraja" Association goes to:

Suzy Suada Marisenoj- Khalaf,

Teuta Markashi-Peraj,

Fatmira Curaj,

Albina Vela,

Zile Vela,

Nadia Hoxha,

Sanije Koliqi,

Nadire Demiri,

Nebije Perashi,

Ganimete Perashi.

It should not be left out without saying that there were also new registered members at this picnic. In addition to the members, among them there were also donors who at the same time help the association, in addition to membership, with their donations. Without hesitating for these individuals, the Association "Kraja" expresses its special thanks to all those who managed to register as members and as donors for the day of the picnic. They are:


1.-Asllan Pera

2.-Shyqyri Lubani

3.-Bahri Demiri

4.-Brahim Demiri


1.-Vedat Gjençiqi

2.-Naser Popi

3.-Baki Gjeçbritaj


1.-Smajl Gjenashi

2.-Veli Cura

3.-Dul Boli

4.-Fadil Markashi

5.-Zaim Cura

6.-Caf Boli

7.-Zaim Gerdoçi

8.-Safet Gjenashi


1.-Fadil Subrahimi

2.-Zenel Ceka

3.-Senad Kanaqi

4.-Fadil Nikezi

5.-Rifat Nikezi

6.-Qamil Ceka

7.-Brahim Ceka

8.-Xhemal Ceka


1.-Imer Hoxha

2.-Urim Marku


1.-Beqir Demiri (Blac

2.-Milazim Duraku)

3.-Skender Subashi

4.-Afrim Aruçi


1.-Selatin Vukaj

2.-Almir Draga

3.-Ilmi Milla

4.-Dashamir Koliqi


1.-Agim Muja

2.-Imer Muja

3.-Enver Gjina


1.-Ramadan Ramushi

2.-Murat Vela

3.-Hajredin Xhaferi

4.-Hamz Hoxha

5.-Safet Vela

6.-Ali Vela

7.-Hasan Vela

It is worth noting that among those present at this picnic there were also new members who paid the membership for 2020, and they were:

1.-Sulejman Vela dhe

2.-Baki Gjeçbritaj

The list of donors at this picnic is as follows:

1.-Rosemary Suffredini $50

2.-Hamz Hoxha $100

3.-Brahim Demiri $100

4.-Fadil Markashi $100

5.-Rasim Demiri (Blac) $200

6.-Skender Subashi $200

7.-Xhelal Lekperi $100

8.-Mirsad Kovaçi $100

A great interest for those present was undoubtedly the football game. A football tournament took place between the neighborhoods (neighbourhoods) of Kraja, here in the diaspora, a tradition inherited from our homeland - Kraja. A large number of participants gathered around the field to watch the football matches. Both one and the other team showed a beautiful game, with discipline at the right level, respecting the game on the field, as well as the opponent in front of each other. A total of 8 football teams are presented, divided into two groups.

Group (I)





Group (II)





The results of the matches are as follows:

1.-Skjeja – Boboshti 1:3

2.-Martiqi – Arbneshi 2:0

3.-Skjeja – Martiqi 0:0

4.-Boboshti – Arbneshi 3:1

5.-Skjeja – Arbneshi 0:1

6.-Martiqi – Boboshti 4:2

7.-Muriqi – Ostrosi 0:1

8.-Brisku – Ftjani 0:0

9.-Muriqi – Brisku 0:1

10.-Ostrosi – Ftjani 0:1

11.-Muriqi – ftjani 0:2

12.-Ostrosi – Brisku 0:0


Group I



Group II




1.-Boboshti – Brisku 1:3

2.-Martiqi – Ftjani 2:0


Martiqi – Brisku 0:0 (pen. 3:1)

Martic's team was declared the winner of the tournament at this picnic.

It should not be left without mentioning that the organization and holding of such events, or in other words such meetings, such as the picnic, are of great importance for the regional community, primarily in the cultivation and strengthening of relations between the Vedi residents. of the community, cultivating and strengthening relationships between children as well as carrying, inheriting and preserving the traditions of the country here in the diaspora.

At the end of this article, there is nothing left for us to say, but the Association "Kraja" also thanks its close leader and advisors, who showed a proper maturity in organizing such events, as always with their tireless work. tiring and wonderful who are always ready to serve the community that the association represents.

Sincerely from,

Association "Kraja"

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