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"Kraja" Patriotic Association - New York

Letter for opinion - Feedback

Patriotic Association "Kraja" with headquarters in New York as well as its branch in Kraja, on the occasion of the chestnut festival which will be held on Saturday, date: 19.11.2016, in the center of Kraja, in Ostros, strongly reacts to this manifestation in this region, for the reason that the value of the language (Albania) that is spoken within this region (Kraja) is being devalued and violated. This devaluation and rape of the values of the language is being done in different ways, now and before, but now through this manifestation it is being done more and more, using the language that this tribe does not speak and that is not the language autochthonous of this three, using the advertisement of the manifestation in a foreign language and not in the language of the people, inviting musical groups (Slavic) and singers with foreign languages and songs (Slavic). Expressing our indignation, we appeal to those regional singers and other Albanians to find themselves and not sing at such events.

Our association and its community that this association represents, appreciate that these are happening when our region - Kraja - needs the most to preserve its cultural values and its linguistic identity with its centuries-old values.

This is a situation that the people of the region of Kraja are suffering through different means and ways, sometimes harsher and sometimes more "soft". The Albanian political class of this region (Kraja) is acting as if they do not know and are forgetting that such things happen in the region of Kraja. They are fighting who more and who less, just to find their own "comfort" in the "house" of power, for their own personal interests, that's why things like this happen in this region (Kraja). This is not only to the detriment of Albanian politics in this region, to the detriment of democratic values, to the detriment of the realization of human and national rights, in this particular case, this does not lead to a safe way of preserving these values.

The absurdity of this type is that the Albanian political subjects themselves, as well as the Albanian politicians themselves, of whatever party they represent in this region (Kraje), do not respect their age-old language and culture. Rather, the fact that the Albanian political subjects in this region are silent and do not react in such cases, even when their language is threatened, which makes you understand that they are increasingly sitting "comfortably in the lap of power" is surprising. . The region and the people of the region have for three days to wait for the friend and honor him, where the elderly remember with nostalgia, saying that "we say come to the friend, but to the master of the house we do". The generosity of the countryman has open arms for every corner that they teach his "home", but above all it has the "wings of an angel", so their generosity shines human values.

In this direction, the voice of the regional community in the diaspora is addressed to all regional citizens and Albanian political subjects, as well as to those Albanian political individuals of any party that represent this region (Region), so that they do not allow themselves to fall prey to various influences for individual interests. We, together with you, are from that country and we are all obliged to protect our national values, whatever they may be.

Wanting such incidents not to be repeated, to be prevented and not to be repeated in the future, through this letter we call on all political subjects as well as political individuals of any party they represent from this region (Kraje), to be more careful especially for the cultural and linguistic values of our region-Kraje, because what is happening is quite provocative and painful to our national-cultural-linguistic values.

Our appeal is to take more care of such values, what is happening should serve as a lesson for the future, the voice of reason prevails, not allowing in any way to become servants of foreigners for such acts. On this occasion, the regional diaspora in New York asks political subjects and regional political individuals to be attentive before a certain event and to distance themselves from individual policies, maybe even ruling ones.

PATRIOTIC ASSOCIATION "KRAJA" New York, Kraja, 16.11.2016

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