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Albanian Parade - New York 2019

On June 8, 2019, Shoqata Kraja was part of the Albanian-American organizations that organized the Albanian Parade in New York City under the patronage of Albanian Roots. This parade was dedicated to Chameria and the Cham people on the 75th anniversary of the Greek massacres against the indigenous Albanian population in Chameria.

This time our march is made even more excellent by the participation of small dancers in the artistic program of our association. Their enthusiasm and pride gives life and hope to the preservation of our national identity from generation to generation.

The Kraja Association thanks all the residents who participated in the Albanian parade and honored the Kraja and the locals wherever they are.

We also thank the sponsor Hajdari Finacial Group for helping us to have a dignified presentation of the Kraja Association.

With respect,

Association Kraja

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