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The delegation of the Association "Kraja" held a meeting with the deputy mayor of the municipality of Tivari, Mr. Radomir

The delegation of the Association "Kraja" consisting of Dul Perashi - Chairman, Hysen Kraja - Vice Chairman as well as councilors Ahmet Vela, Safet Doçi and Shyqyri Braca held a meeting with the deputy mayor of the municipality of Tivari, Mr. Radomir N. Cakan.

In this meeting, the current situation in the region was discussed, with special emphasis on: Recent events in Rumi, the opening of the Skje-Zogaj customs point, water supply, unemployment, the reconstruction of the center of Ostros, the modernization of the main road as well as local roads, the development of tourism, the budget, agricultural subsidies and the prohibition of old discriminatory practices against the Region by the municipality of Tivari.

During the last three decades, the municipality of Tivari has neglected the Kraja, which has resulted negatively in economic development and has contributed to the mass displacement of the Cranians from their homeland.

We asked Mr. Cakan to stop these discriminatory practices immediately and for the municipality of Tivar to start treating its citizens without religious and ethnic differences.

After listening to our requests, Mr. Cakan thanks us for the invitation and congratulates us for the work and attention we pay to our homeland.

He said that it belongs to a new stream of politicians, a progressive stream that works for all citizens regardless of religion or ethnicity.

I heard your problems and concerns and I sympathize with you. Unfortunately, all these problems are the result of an old policy in Montenegro that has deep roots even today.

I want to assure you that my office will always be open to all those who have concerns and problems and I believe that through dialogue and understanding we will solve many of the problems that were presented here tonight.

Many issues require work and maximum commitment, therefore I appeal to the citizens of Kraja, especially the educated youth, to knock on my office and let us start work for the revival of the Kraja. Nothing will be achieved within a day, but the most important thing is that these processes start as soon as possible, concludes Mr. Cakan.

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