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Statement from the Coalition of Albanian American Organizations from Montenegro

Koalicioni i Organizatave Shqiptaro Amerikane nga Mali i Zi


August 10, 2020 Dear compatriots,

We, the representatives of the Coalition of Albanian Community Organizations in America, originally

from Montenegro, based on our commitments during the last two weeks, we give this statement: 1. As you know, we initially engaged and called for an agreement in order to

all Albanian Parties and Organizations in Montenegro to join in a single list for

the upcoming parliamentary elections in Montenegro. Based on success and results

positive of the merger of the Albanian entities for the Municipality of Malësi - Tuz last year, we had convincing reasons that this is the best way that as a united subject of

we are stronger and thus protect our interests for a better future

Albanians in Montenegro. Unfortunately, this did not happen. But this should not stop us

our work and commitments for a better development, for the Albanian political subject to be united and supported by our voters. Although our wishes did not come true,

the coalition formed in Guci a few days ago is hopeful that we will continue

try and work for a union of the political subject with the support of the electorate


2. Although we may have had reasons to position ourselves and support one of

two lists, this time we won't do it. The main reason for this is that we

we continue to be a force for unity and not for division. But we wait, and we ask that everyone Albanian political subjects adhere to democratic principles and be available

to present their platform of ideas and plans for their achievement.

3. For these reasons, we appeal to the entire Albanian electorate, our brothers and sisters

in the homeland, vote wisely, vote with the heart and vote only for the subject

Albanian politician. As we all know, Montenegrin political entities, such as DPS, have been

successful in penetrating our ranks and using partnership with individuals

different to advance their agenda. This is by no means an inclusive agenda

a better tomorrow for Albanians in Montenegro. Therefore, your vote for other subjects

political as for DPS, it is a vote against self, against our good. Don't

we miss this historical moment that together, even though divided into two lists, by voting

the Albanian political entity, we can ensure a more worthy representation in the parliament

Montenegrin. In the last two or three days, we have also seen various statements which say that we are choosing sides and with this we are damaging the democratic process. Such words stink but our work and our commitments will speak loud and clear that we are a force

for unity and a better future for our people.

This is our time to realize our dreams and aspirations and once again show them

our political leadership that there will be a price to pay if their personal interest

continues to be above our national interests. We demand responsibility for the trust that voters have decide on you. Let's leave what separated us and let this be a new beginning! As we continue prepare for the next elections, we promise that a significant number of voters from diaspora will be with you, to vote with you, to vote for our future, win and

we rejoice together. We promise to be with you in the future, during the good times

and difficult, just as we are ready to be with you even in this time of crisis with the pandemic

Covid-19. We will always stand with you. This is only the beginning of our commitment, not only with words, but also with deeds that promises opportunities for economic developments from which it will we all benefit. Together, let's vote for the Albanian political entity, for a better future good and more promising. VOTE WITH YOUR HEART, VOTE FOR THE FUTURE, VOTE FOR THE ALBANIAN LISTS Respectfully submitted by,

Mark Gjonaj, NYC Councilmember

Pan-Albanian Federation of America-VATRA (International)

Diaspora Coordinating Council-KKD (International)

Albanian American Association Ulcinj

Albanian American Community Association

Albanian American Cultural Foundation

Don Gjon Buzuku Association - Chicago

Don Gjon Buzuku Association - New York

Don Simon Filipaj Foundation

Plave Guci Foundation

Hoti i Kuji Foundation

Illyrian Business Organization - IBO

Association Ana e Mali

Association Kraja

Greater Malaysia- Michigan Patriotic Association

Greater Malaysia Association - New York

Trieshi Humanitarian Fund An old saying goes:

"If you want to go fast, go alone,


c/o Albanian American Community Association, 
1740 Hone Ave Bronx NY10461, Tel: 917-679-9300, 

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