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Mr. Nazif Cungu and German Bank KFW visit Kraja

On Thursday, September 21, 2017, at the invitation of the Mayor of Ulcinj, Mr. Nazif Cungu, representatives of the branch of the "Kraja" Association in their hometown, participate in a meeting organized by Mr. Cungu to discuss the water supply project in Kraja.

Mr. Cungu made possible this meeting with the mayor of the Municipality of Tivari and representatives of the German Development Bank.

A loan is requested from the German Bank to supply the Kraja with water, but since the number of residents of the Kraja is not sufficient, Mr. Cungu suggests that two villages of the Municipality of Ulcinj, namely Rashtisha and Kravari, should be included in this project.

The development director of the KfW bank, Dr. Kirk Mildner, expressed his willingness to help us realize the water project for the Region.

I emphasize that the request for intervention for the supply of Kraje with water, Mr. Cungu was presented by the representatives of the "Kraja" Association - the Krajë branch at the meeting held a few weeks ago in the Municipality of Ulcinj and Mr. Cungu has expressed his readiness to work in this direction.

On this occasion, we thank Mr. Cungu, who expressed his willingness to support and help the Association "Kraja" also in other plans that have to do with the promotion of tourism in the region.

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