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The work continues in the humanitarian action of building the house of Brahim Ali

Notice to the public about the humanitarian action of rebuilding the house of Brahim Ali from the Lekperaj neighborhood

March 14th, 2017 The association "Kraja" informs the general public that the works in the humanitarian action of the construction of the house of Brahim Ali from the village of Arbnesh, the neighborhood of Lekperaj continue successfully and quickly, not neglecting the quality of the construction. So far, the block walling has been completed and the construction of the roof has begun, where the laying of tiles will soon begin. The success of this humanitarian action so far has been made possible by a genuine cooperation between the homeland and the diaspora, where both parties worked with great will and sincerity. The "Kraja" Association thanks all the participating in this humanitarian action, especially the Association of Pensioners of the Kraja headed by Bajram Doda, the Local Municipality headed by Vehbi Doda, the branch of the "Kraj" Association in the hometown with the chairperson Medina Cura and councilor Gzim Ardolli, the members of the executive council Dr. Ismail Doda and Zija Kovaçi, the photographer Zija Maxhuri and the entrepreneur in the construction of the house Selatin Gjeloshin. Special thanks to all the donors who made this humanitarian action possible.

At a dinner hosted by entrepreneur Sealtin Gjeloshi at the Mediteran Hotel

The joint council made the decision that the works outside the house, the construction of the garage, the concreting of 74 meters of road, the surrounding wall and the septic tank will be done with workers from Kraja under the supervision and organization of Gzim Ardolli (Photo below).

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