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A tourist sign is placed in Brajshe, part of the program for the development of tourism in Kraje

A few days ago, an informative/tourist board was put up for the Kraja area with photos that promote the beauty, tradition and history of our region.

The sign aims to encourage tourists to visit Kraja, to get to know its beauties, history and historical monuments, which we believe that no tourist will be disappointed.

The placement of tourist signs is part of the Kraja Association's program in cooperation with the Kraja branch and the youth group for the development of tourism in the Kraja. The sign in Brajshë is the first of several signs planned for installation, soon the signs will be placed in Shtegvashë, Ostros and Muriq.

Placing the sign was done in cooperation with the Municipality of Ulcinj, the Mayor of the Municipality Mr. Nazif Cungu and other people from Kranj who live in Ulcin, whom we take this opportunity to publicly thank for the support they have given us.

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