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Clarification - Announcement for compatriots and general opinion


Dear compatriots and the general public, we clarify and inform you that the Leadership and the General Council of SH. A. "Kraja, in its previously held meeting, date: 9/10/2016, in one of the agenda items (No: 3-Miscellaneous) there was a small intervention of changing the name of J.A. "Kraja", in Shoqata "Kraja" (Kraja Association Inc.). This proposal was reviewed by the close leadership and the General Council of J.A. "Kraja" and put to a vote, where by a vote of total of 12 participants voted for 11 Councilors and against 1 Councilor for this small intervention of changing the name of JSC "Kraja" to Association "Kraja".

From this date (9/10/2016)  this change came into effect immediately and our Association will be called Soqata "Kraja"-Kraja Association Inc.

We inform you that nothing changes within the framework, purpose and operation of the Association. The purpose of the name change lies in the fact that with the previous name we did not have the opportunity to register the Association according to the laws that operate in the state of New York as well as the Federal laws, where at the same time without carrying out the said procedures, it was impossible to obtain relevant documents for our Association and at the same time it was impossible to open the account number.

The reason why you have not been notified until now lies in the fact that the Association has not been registered with all the competent bodies, until now.

Thank you for your understanding.

General Council of the Association "Kraja"

President: Hamid Alaj

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