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Clarification on the idea and planning of the construction of the Cultural Facility in Kraje




The Kraja Association was formed in 1992 as a response to the war crisis in the homeland. Over time, the problems changed and with it the priority of the Association changed. The consensus of the Councilors of the Association is that the main problem in the diaspora is assimilation, and for this reason they have taken the initiative to increase cultural and sports activities in order to get closer to each other and preserve tradition.

As for the birthplace, the association sees the economic crisis as the main problem, which is the root of all other problems, both political and social. In this regard, the Council of the Association has taken several steps with a humanitarian purpose, such as the distribution of food packages to some families with difficult economic conditions, has given scholarships to students, has helped some patients to buy medicines and has sponsored sports activities Well, as a main priority, the Association "Kraja" has dedicated to the planning of the economic revival in the Kraja in order that the territory of the Kraja has its own level of economic development, like any other territory, which will enable it to move with the times. , as well as alleviating the economic crisis of its own people.

For this reason, at the beginning of 2016, the idea was born for the construction of the cultural object/wedding hall with a capacity of 500 people in the center of Kraja-Ostro, which will be the biggest project in Kraja for the last three decades. This idea was presented to the leadership of the "Kraja" Association by Isuf Llagja, who was visiting the U.S.A. He presented us with the offer of his uncle, Mr. Xhemal Llagja, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he offers his land of over 1000m² in the center of Kraj-Ostros for free for the construction of a "wedding facility" as a condition that the financing and management be done by the "Kraj" Association based in New York. This offer, as well as all offers that benefit the hometown, were welcomed by the Council of Association and for this a meeting was held and it was discussed extensively and voted by those present, where everyone voted in favor, i.e. a total of 13 votes in favor (Date: 9.10.2016. Agenda-item No. 1-Discussions about the project in Vendlindya -Kraje (Wedding hall). Then the president of the "Kraje" Association - Branch in Krajë, Mrs. Medina Cura, was contacted, where she engaged and made discussions with various architects and engineers, where I then presented the offers to the Council of the Association. A favorable proposal was presented by the architect Korab Kraja and the Council decided to entrust the work to him, which we are presenting below. What are the positive and negative aspects that I discuss with the Council of the "Kraja" Association?

Positive aspects:

1. – The Kraja Association plans to manage this object as a non-profitable (non-profitable) property, where the object is rented for the duration of the event at an affordable price to pay for the object's maintenance costs.

2. - Creation of two jobs, one in management and one in object maintenance

3. – The possibility of hiring waitresses from the Region

4. – The possibility of hiring chefs and assistant chefs from the Region

5. - The possibility of selling meat and agricultural products from Kraja

6. – The possibility of increasing the business of shops and cafes around.

Negative aspects:

1. - The displacement of the population from the region of Kraja creates the possibility that this object will fail due to the lack of manifestations.

Kraja Association made it clear that this project does not guarantee success and economic revival because the situation in the Kraja is very complex and that there is no "magic bullet" for improving this situation. The road to improving the economic situation is long and full of sacrifices and that this object is "a step on the right path". The Kraja Association will make the decision based on the wishes of the majority of Krajans.

With respect, the Head of the Association "Kraja"

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