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The "Kraja" association in New York distributes scholarships to students from Kraja

An extremely important place in the programs and assistance offered by the Association "Kraja" in New York, to the community it represents, undoubtedly an important place is occupied by the support of young people for education, especially from the region of Kraja. The leadership of the "Kraja" Association, with the full conviction that the schooling and education of the new generations directly affects the improvement of the economic situation and the economic development of the territory of the Kraja and wider, has developed and will continue to develop such an activity distribution of scholarships for students from the region of Kraja. Therefore, the same was done this academic year (2018/2019).

During the meeting of 31.03.2019, the Council of the Association "Kraja" held its next meeting where it approved a number of planned items on the agenda, among others the item on the agenda was: "Distribution of scholarships " for students from the region of Kraja. On this occasion, the leadership of the association and its general council fully supported all the students who applied for scholarships from the "Kraja" Association, who competed on the basis of the competition presented by the association, a competition which has been open for three (3) consecutive months. It should be noted here that all the students who benefited from the scholarship, thirteen (13) in total, all applied based on the competition for the scholarship, the scholarship is divided based on the budget that the association has, where the selection of students was made in three (3 ) value types (plural) in dollars, where: - Scholarship of $1000 benefited four (4) students

- Scholarship of $500 benefited six (6) students and

- Scholarship of $300 benefited three (3) students. Let me inform you that all this was done with full consensus approved by the Councilors of the "Kraja" Association, who were present at the meeting dated 31.03.2019, where there were a total of fourteen (14) councilors. On this occasion, we have no choice but to congratulate all the students who received a scholarship from the "Kraja" Association for the academic year (2018/2019) and we congratulate all those students who competed and met the criteria sought by competition and deservedly won the scholarship from the "Kraja" Association. We also want to convey a special respect and gratitude to your parents and families, dear students, who have supported you on this successful path of gaining knowledge, because without their support and support it is not easy to start such a schooling journey. All the Councilors and leadership of the "Kraja" Association, the recipients of the scholarship, wish them success in the academic year, without leaving out those who did not have the opportunity to receive a scholarship for the academic year 2018/19.

Good luck!

Association "Kraja" - New York

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