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The "Kraja" Association in New York distributes scholarships to students from Kraja

During the first meeting of this year, the Council of the "Kraja" Association approved a number of items, provided for in the agenda. One of them was the approval of scholarships for students from the region of Kraja.

The Council of the Association "Kraja" in its meeting held on March 13, 2017, under agenda item no. 1 (Discussions about the selection of students for the awarding of scholarships for the academic year 2016/2017) approved a number certain scholarships for local students to be awarded for the academic year


During the discussion of this point, the chairman of the Association "Kraja", Mr. Hamid Alaj read the list with the names of the students from the region of Kraja and the acquaintance explained to those present that the number of scholarships for this academic year (2016/17) will increase, based on the budget that the Association has. It should be noted that the "Kraja" Association, for two months in a row, has opened the competition for scholarships for students from the region of Kraja, who study in various universities, mainly in the Albanian region but also more widely. However, based on the competition announced for these scholarships, we have presented only two students, who benefit from a scholarship in the amount of $1000 per student, whereas, based on the list that the Association "Kraja" has at its disposal, and made the selection according to that list, another 9 students benefit from the scholarship, in the amount of $500 per student.

These scholarships are calculated as the average expenses of a student, which means how little it softens or helps the state of their education. This is the second year that the "Kraja" Association has awarded scholarships to local students, so we ask the students that in the coming academic years, they follow the Association's competition for the award of scholarships, by filling out the relevant form, where those students who apply according to the competition and fill out the form respectively, will benefit from a larger amount of money ($), as happened this year.

We inform you that, based on the list available to the "Kraja" Association (which includes all the students of the Kraja), the Council of the "Kraja" Association, in its meeting held on March 13, 2017, has also the selection of students for the allocation of scholarships for the academic year 2016/17, where for this academic year (2016/17) a total of 11 students benefited.

Below we will present the list of beneficiaries, mentioning only the relationship that belongs to the respective student, because for ethical reasons we will not make their names public, but the respective students will be contacted privately.



  1. Ostros i Vogel - $1000 Student who competed based on the competition.

  2. Arbnesh - $1000 Student who competed based on the competition.

  3. Keshtenje - $500

  4. Martiq $500

  5. Ftjan $500

  6. Ostros $500

  7. Martiq $500

  8. Arbnesh $500

  9. Arbnesh $500

  10. Ljare-Muriq relationship $500

  11. Ljare-Muriq relationship $500

  12. Ostros $500


All male and female students who are not beneficiaries of the university scholarship for the academic year 2016/17 have the right to submit their complaint within 10 days, from the day the results are announced on the website of the "Kraja" Association. The complaint must be sent to the E-mail of the Association, where the leadership of the "Kraja" Association will consider it further.

All the Councilors and the leadership of the "Kraja" Association, the scholarship recipients, wish them success in the academic year, without leaving out those who did not have the opportunity to receive a scholarship for the academic year 2016/17.

Association "Kraja" - New York

President Hamid Alaj

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