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"Kraja" Association in New York distributes scholarships to students from Kraje

Kraja Association in New York distributes scholarships to Students from Kraja for the 2017/2018 school year The Council of the "Kraja" Association in its meeting held on March 4, 2018, under the item of the agenda, Discussions about the selection of students for the awarding of scholarships, approved a certain number of scholarships for Kraja students to be awarded for the academic year 2017/2018.

This school year, a total of 10 students applied.

The Council of the Kraja Association made the decision to divide the amount of scholarships in this way: 5 student from 1000 dollars,

3 student from $500

2 students from $300 Kraja Association does not make public the names of students who apply/receive scholarships. All winners will be personally informed by Medina Cura, the president of the Kraja Association, Kraja branch.

All male and female students who are not beneficiaries of the university scholarship for the 2017/18 academic year have the right to submit their complaint within 10 days, from the day the results are announced on the website of the "Kraja" Association. The complaint must be sent to the E-mail of the Association, where the leadership of the "Kraja" Association will consider it further.

All the Councilors and the leadership of the "Kraja" Association, the scholarship recipients, wish them success in the academic year, without leaving aside those who did not have the opportunity to receive a scholarship for the academic year 2017/18.

Kraja-New York Association

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