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Association "Kraja" in New York-U.S.A. held the fundraiser

Association "Kraja" in New York-U.S.A. held the fundraiser

Date: 19.11.2017 STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.


(Date: 19.11.2017)


The "Kraja" association based in New York-USA, supported by the Kraja community, organized a fund-raising evening to support several project-ideas for the development of tourism in the region of Kraja, ideas which were proposed by the young people of Kraja in cooperation with the Association "Kraja"-Krajë Branch, who are attached to our association, to make possible the promotion of this economic branch in our hometown-Krajë, bringing a new spirit of development in this sector.

This activity was held in the premises of the "NINO'S" Restaurant in Staten Island, owned by our fellow residents from the region of Kraja, Mr. Agim Gjenciqi and Sylejman Dragës, where a considerable number of participants took part, as well as the representative and former President of the Ana e Mali Association Mr. Ismet Kurti and the well-known assemblyman from the Bronx, the Albanian, Mr. Mark Gjonaj. In honor of the participants and guests who came to this evening, the Association "Kraja" served a dinner with rich food and drinks.

The President of the "Kraja" Association, Hamid Alaj, at the beginning of his speech, greeted the attendees and guests who responded to the association's invitation without hesitation, or as he emphasized: "You invited us to the regional table to enjoy regional bread, with that what God has forgiven, because the door of the Krajan mountaineer has been and is always open for the guest". He informed the attendees of the program and organization of this evening, as well as presented to the attendees the goals of this gathering. Then he presented the plan for the revitalization of the Skjes-Hutaj mole, elaborated by the respected local architect Dafina Demiri, where in short points, by means of projector photos, he explained this plan, presented in 12 detailed photos . On this occasion, the Chairman of the "Kraja" Association, Hamid Alaj, found the opportunity to thank the architect Dafina Demiri for this project, which he handed over to the said association as her contribution to the local community and her hometown-Kraja.

Then the secretary of the Association "Kraja" Dul Perashi took the floor. He greeted the attendees, thanking them for their participation in this evening. Then, in continuation of his speech, I inform those present in more detail about project ideas for the promotion of tourism in the region of Kraja, as well as the possibility of Kraja becoming a destination for eco-tourism. He informed the attendees about all the points of discussion, starting from the opening of the website (, to provide information about the tourist spots in the region of Kraja. Then he continued his speech, informing the attendees about the installation of information boards, the publication of tourist brochures, the repair of the Mola e Skjes-Hutaj district, the repair of the center of Ostros, etc. In front of those present, he pointed out the support offered by the Mayor of Ulcinj, Mr. Nazif Cungu around these tourist spots.

Also in this evening, the well-known assemblyman from the Bronx, the Albanian, Mr. Mark Gjonaj, who greeted the attendees and acquaintances, also thanked the leader of the "Kraja" Association for the invitation. Among other things, he pointed out that: "when I see Albanians united like you fellow citizens are united here tonight, I feel even more Albanian than I am". Then you and the former Chairman of the Ana e Mali Association, Mr. Ismet Kurtit. He also pointed out that: "I am very pleased that I was given the opportunity to be part of this evening among the locals, and I congratulate you on the work and activities of the association "Kraja", as well as thank you for the invitation".

In this evening, the "Kraja" Association received great support from those present, where they contributed financial means to the extent of their possibilities, to help the Association and the possible realization of the project-ideas in question. Their contribution was not missing, but neither was the joining of new members within the association for 2017 and 2018. The Kraja community of New York and the surrounding area is proud of the contribution and help given where the need begs, which helps the "Kraja" Association where everyone is united around it because charitable works, humanitarian works and any activity for the benefit of to its own community and to the wider Albanian community and which serves humanity, are the cornerstones of building a healthy society.

Finding the opportunity for the "Kraja" Association to sincerely thank all the participants of this fundraising night, for their help poured into the association's fund, for the recruitment of new members within the association, as well as for their support given to the Association in general, in continuation of this article, we will present the list of all those who contributed and joined the association during this gathering.

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