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Kraja Association holds new elections, Mirsad Kovaçi is elected as president

Kraja association holds new elections, Mirsad Kovaçi is elected as president.

Today, January 19, 2020, the Kraja Association is holding its annual general meeting, where the leadership in full transparency gave a report on the past year 2019. The meeting was opened by Dul Perashi (former chairman of the Kraja Association), thanking those present for their participation and contribution. President Hysejn Kraja spoke about last year's activities, while treasurer Hamid Alaj spoke about the budget. After last year's race, new elections were held for the president of the Kraja Association, where the chairmanship proposed Zaim Hadari as chairman since the former chairman is not running in the elections. Mirsad Kovaçi was proposed by Nefail Perashi. After counting the votes, Mirsad Kovaçi was elected president with 31 votes, while Zaim Hajdari won 23 votes.

"Kraja" Association wishes the new president good work and success in his new task.

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