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"Kraja" Patriotic Association in New York - Contribution to the homeland

Although the "Kraja" Patriotic Association, based in New York, has spent two decades of its life, it has not abandoned its goal, to come to the aid of the countrymen of the homeland, depending on the time and need. More worried about the emptiness of the Kraja, they are annoyed to be told that the Kraja is poor, but they are aware that there are poor people in the Kraja. And that's why they have raised their voices for all those who have the opportunities, whether inside or outside the Kraja, and in particular those of the diaspora, to give their modest contribution in this direction, without giving the needy a chance to expose their needs.

Hand on heart, this time the initiative is more special and is not only focused on food aid, but also on raising the educational level of the Region, supporting with money some of the students with unsuitable conditions. To make this even more functional, the Association expanded, opening a branch in Kraja.

With the decision of March 27, the Council of the Association announced the competition for the presentation of individuals who will represent the Association in their homeland, of course within the conditions determined by its regulations. At the next meeting, the Council announced the contestants: Medina Cura, Jusuf Kaca and Gëzim Ardolli and made the decision that the three of them will be the representatives of the Association in their homeland - Krajë, determining through voting that Medina will be the leader of the group, while Jusufi and The joy of the advisers of the "Kraja" Association in their homeland. A little later, a councilor was added - Gëzim Vela, who will mainly cover the relationship of the Western Region - Ljare - Muriq.

The three councilors and the president of the Association act in good will (free of charge) and anyone who wants to join this group, to give their contribution, is welcome.

Until today, the representatives of the Association have carried out several important activities for the Region. They held discussions and received positive responses, so that even the few weddings that take place in the Region, return to the old place (at the school), even with a modest investment from the Association. In addition, it is considering the possibility of creating a cultural-artistic society, which it is hoping to realize by the end of this year.

Since the association, for ethical reasons, aims to preserve the complete privacy of those who have been given aid, it is enough to say that only during this year, 12,600 dollars have been spent in this direction. It has provided humanitarian aid to 24 families in the Eastern and Western Regions, aid with food products, distributing 43 packages of food, worth 2,800 dollars. An aid of 400 dollars was offered for sports activities in the Region, which were developed in various sports disciplines, in the gymnasium of the Primary School in Ostros. The same amount has been allocated for the Regional Football League for the year 2016. Aid has been provided in the form of a scholarship to seven students with $500 each, a total of $3,500. It has provided assistance for the full tuition of one student, in the amount of $3,000, for the upcoming academic year 2016-2017. It has offered a family aid of 500 dollars for the purchase of essential health medications. An individual offered him $1,000 for a necessary surgical intervention. In the same way, another individual with a serious financial situation helped him. And the list of contributions does not end only with the first six months of this year, but will also continue with the distribution of other aid.

Thanks to her hard work and activities, not only within the community she represents, but also beyond, the Association has so far received two recognitions.

In the end, I, as the leader of the Association's branch in Kraja, as well as the representative of the Association in my hometown, on behalf of myself and the other three representatives, I want to thank the chairman of the Patriotic Association "Kraja", Mr. Hamid Alaj, together with the General Council, who have appreciated and entrusted us with the representation of the Association in the Region, giving us the opportunity and satisfaction to serve the homeland with our possibilities.

Medina Cura

[Koha Javore, June 30, 2016]

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