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Reaction of the Association "Kraja"

Reaction of the Association "Kraja"

Date: March 7th, 2017 The association "Kraja" with its headquarters in New York and its Branch in its hometown-Kraje express regret and deep concern on the occasion of the publication of a fictitious article on the portal by Mr. Naser Kraja.

In the article dated January 18, 2017 entitled "Ledeni bunari Ostrosa: Reality, legenda i istorija" the author describes Wells of Boulej with thrilling facts and without any historical basis.

The streets of Boulej were not built on myths and legends, but by real people, precisely the inhabitants of Boulej and the surrounding villages.

We urgently request that the Jedro.Bar portal and the author of this thriller retract this shameful writing that seriously damages our history and cultural heritage.

At the same time, we request a guarantee from the Municipality of Tivari and all other relevant factors that at no time will they harm the Albanian cultural values of the inhabitants of the Region.

The association "Kraja" and the Krajanese in general welcome any tourist promotion that is made to Kraja, but not with false stories and homogenous trends.

The region needs economic infusion but not plastic surgery.

Such tendencies are counterproductive, create mistrust and promise a dark future.

For all those who are interested in the true history of the Wells of Boulej, the association "Kraja" brings you their true history through living witnesses and not myths and legends.

Association "Kraja" - New York

"Kraja" Association - Kraja Branch

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