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The Kraje League, played in the hometown in honor of the name of Fadil Duraku, is successfully completed

Successfully the Kraje League played in the hometown, got completed, in honor of the name of Fadil Durak who passed away in New York and was buried in Kraje.

Emotions are great when the names of great people are raised where they deserve it.

Fadili dedicated his life to sport and his country, also says the organizer Mirsad Gerdoçi.

We are happy that the Kraje league ended successfully and we wish the Arbnesh team a well-deserved victory, which in the grand final Arbnesh team defeated Ostros with a score of 3:2

We always feel proud when Kraja's name is mentioned for good and when we are united, the same as when Kraja won first place for the first time in the international tournament at Ulqini Open '20.

Proud of all of you who enliven the Kraje, love it with good deeds and united just like Fadil Duraku loved it.

We hope that in the future we will have such organizations in sports and not only to honor outstanding personalities of the Region from all fields.

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