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Minister Bushati "The new border point connects the Albanian-speaking territories"

The Assembly of Shiperia on November 1, 2018 approved the draft law for the ratification of the agreement between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania and the government of Montenegro for the opening of the joint border crossing point Zogaj (Republic of Albania) - Skje (Montenegro). for international road and passenger traffic in Lake Shkodra.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, assessed its fulfillment as important, saying that the common border point will facilitate not only the circulation of people, but also enable the connection of Albanian-speaking territories, "We are talking about a connection between Shiroka, Zogaj and the Highlands of Kraja, or the part of Tivar, where Albanians generally live and is an area which still has opportunities to be used positively in terms of tourism potential. There will be a lake transport line Zogaj-Montenegro. The border point will have a connection with the Albanian-speaking territories. So, in this context, the entire part of the lake of Shkodra will be covered and a much greater access will be created not only for the residents of the respective areas but also for those tourists who want to visit Albania and Montenegro" - said Bushati .

The Kraja Association expresses deep gratitude to the Parliament of the Republic of Albania for the approval of the resulting project for the opening of the border point Zogaj-Skje. At the same time, we thank the Albanian government and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ditmir Bushati, for the seriousness shown in this project. Since the meeting that the Kraja Association had with Mr. Bushati in Washington about this project, the Albanian government has been very active in fulfilling our request, which is now moving me in the right direction.

Association "Kraja" during the meeting with Minister Byshati in Washington in November 2017. From left, Hamid Alaj, Ilirjan Fundo, Ditmir Bushati, Esat Gjonbalaj and Dul Perashi.

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