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Planting the forest belt in Shtegvashe

In March of this year, "Kraja" Association organizes the clearing of bushes along the road, starting at the entrance to Kraja (Shtegvashë) and continuing for a length of 600 meters.

The purpose of this cleaning is to open up the view from the lake and to replace the bushes with ornamental trees called "Paulownia".

With the clearing of the bushes, it came to light how dangerous the traffic was in that area, which was not visible because it was covered with bushes.

Considering the danger that was discovered, a call was made to the competent state bodies for this work to place protective barriers (barriers) in a part where the greatest danger is presented.

After the area in question was inspected by representatives of the state bodies (Directorate of Communications in Montenegro), who congratulated us for the work done and expressed their willingness to place guards at a distance of 100 meters where the area is the most dangerous.

At the end of March, the planting of trees was done as we had planned, where about 60 saplings were planted and it seems that the work had a positive result as all the trees have given the first signs that they have started life in that area.

Kraja Association - Kraja Branch

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