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Announcement about the humanitarian action for the construction of Brahim Ali's house


We inform all the general public, friends, well-wishers, volunteers and supporters of the humanitarian aid action for the construction of the house of Brahim Alişe-Lekperej, from the village of Arbnesh i Kraja, that this action for the moment closes its campaign for the collection of further aid. This closure of the campaign comes from the reason that the accumulated amount in money, which is new to complete the construction of the house of the individual in question, has been reached. Also, this closure of this campaign comes from the competent bodies that have taken over this humanitarian action.

In an effort to help alleviate poverty in the region of Kraja, we take the opportunity to sincerely thank the contributors, compatriots, compatriots and all those who helped to collect the necessary amount of money, to come to the aid of this family in need, built the house so that they too can enjoy life just like the others with all those years burdened on their shoulders.

We also use the opportunity to thank those individuals who want to contribute to this humanitarian action, but the action was closed, we are grateful to them and we tell them that if it is necessary, we will notify them again.

We also take the opportunity to thank and congratulate them, expressing respect for all those individuals who made it possible for this action to be carried out in compliance with the required norms. This action was carried out in the most humanitarian way possible, with good will, without getting tired, but also without beating our chests or having other appetites, but only helping those who need it in our hometown Kraja, because to collect aid is not that easy, maybe sensitive and very heavy, because it is not asked for yourself but for those who need it, but wherever you go and ask for help, you do not come back with "nothing" but something "they give you" because everyone knows that they go to the right place, where it is needed.

In this humanitarian action, we have tried to be as honest as possible and we are convinced that every dollar collected will go to the right place, being controlled by the Association "Kraja"-Dega Krajë. Now the works have started on the construction of the house of Brahim Alişe-Lekperej, which means that your help has already started to appear in the right place.

Now in this letter we will not mention by name and surname (for more details, see the list of donors on the website of the "Kraja" Association at the address all those who gave their help in this humanitarian action , but Inshallah God rewarded them. May God bless you and may God reward each of you with what you have helped, because we are aware that the benefactors will not stop there, but will extend their hand where the region-Kraja begs, but even more, because in such cases we have do with poverty.

We are closing this thank you to everyone with a quote that will serve as a message to those who reach out to help and to all those who reach out to collect those same helps, which quote follows: "I the river that extends a helping hand and contributes fairly without beating its chest and without having other goals and ambitions, except to help those in need".

We express our special thanks and respect to all of you.

***The list of donors can be found in the article "Humanitarian action for the construction of Brahim Ali's house"

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