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Letter for Opinion


LETTER FOR OPINION The Association "Kraja" with its headquarters in New York and the Branch of the Association in Kraje, have realized and will continue to realize and strictly follow the plans they have set for themselves for the benefit of the community they represent.

We know that during the realization of the goals we may encounter difficulties and tendencies to slow down the work in various ways, and also there are those who seek at all costs to muddy and misinform the general public about the activities of the Association and its representatives. . But we want to guarantee you all that our goal is clear, it is to act for the good of the Kraja until you are the last Krajan in the Kraja.

Our goal is to unite, talk, exchange ideas and finally do things without holding back.

The purpose of the Association is as humanistic as it is patriotic.

The love for the homeland is shown through work, with concrete works, showing in a fair way the good things that the homeland possesses, promoting the values of the homeland, which we know are not few.

We know that achieving our goals requires work, financial support and will, things that we have not lacked, and for this we must thank all the donors who have believed in our work and who are ready to answer the call of their homeland.

With respect

Association Kraja New York/ Association Kraja Branch Kraje

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