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The leadership of the Kraja Association in New York meets with Genci Nimanbegu and Faik Nika

The leadership of the Kraja Association in a fraternal and friendly meeting hosted the vice president of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Genci Naminbegu, and the chairman of the Albanian National Council in Montenegro, Mr. Faik Nika.

We informed the guests about the activities of our association but also the challenges faced by our community in exile and homeland.

Mr. Naminbegu promised that he will use his position as deputy and vice-president of the parliament to advance the problems and challenges faced by the residents of Kraja.

We requested from Mr. Nika that a representative from Kraja be part of the national council so that this area is also represented in this institution. Mr. Nika, I gladly accept the request and promise that in the next elections there will be a member from Kraja in the national council.

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