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The President of the "Kraja" Association resigns, Hamid Alaj

     The President of the "Kraja" Association resigns, Hamid Alaj

Dear Krajan citizens!

Dear members of the presidency, advisors, activists, sympathizers and all of you who love the good of the "Kraja" Association!

It is with regret that I have to inform you that I have decided to resign irrevocably from the position of Chairman of the Association "Kraja" as well as from the position of a member of the General Council of this association.

With pride for the service performed until now, to the citizens of Kraja and the territory of Kraja, but even more widely, with respect to everyone to whom we have had the opportunity to offer our help as an association, I declare to the public opinion my irrevocable resignation as the Chairman of the "Kraja" Association.

As a member, for several years, of the "Kraja" Association, but as a young and inexperienced leader at the head of an association such as the "Kraja" Association, for such a short time at its head, it pushed me to work with dedication, to act and challenge myself as much as I have never done in my life, such work with such kindness for the Krajan community and for our beloved homeland Kraja.

The work I did together with the leading staff of the "Kraja" Association, both in the diaspora and in my homeland, were some of the challenges I faced in the short time I was in charge of the "Kraja" Association, where over two years of work , I tried to grow and affirm the Association "Kraja" as much as possible, not only in the diaspora but also more widely, as far as I had the knowledge and opportunity. We may not have done the best, but we have done as much as we could and on this occasion I thank all those who have supported us in any way.

The beginning of the work was good, the activities were at the right level and we were a good working group and we all worked with good will even though within the association, another group of advisors did not even know the "door", even though they were invited in time for participation in the association's meetings, and it continued for a long time, but with understanding this situation was also overcome.

My commitment, as well as the commitment of my colleagues during this period when I was in charge of the "Kraja" Association, has been the continuation of dignified work for the growth of the sensational history of the association, which soon became one of the most popular associations in the diaspora Albanians here where it operates, as well as in the territory of Kraja where its Branch operates, for the undeniable role and contribution it has given.

However, during this period when I was the Chairman of the "Kraja" Association, I was faced, without denying to say, with unprincipled accusations and criticisms mainly based on conjectures and narrow personal interests, which I say with the fullness of my mouth, completely without basis, but I am always ready to answer all the accusations that have been leveled at me as Chairman and at the "Kraja" Association, during my leadership at the head of it, because they are preconceived accusations and slander from individuals who are not they want the good of the association. These accusations do not chill me, on the contrary, they strengthen me, but my conscience and dignity do not allow me to be the leader of those individuals who issue accusations, slander, hatred and even steal bile, accusing me of "allegedly forming a clan group within the association and do the work of the association as we need it and not the leadership of the association and the community that this association represents". I am sure to say that all my desires and commitments within the association have been unwavering for the aspirations and achievements of the "Kraja" Association, I have never made differences or discriminations, of any aspect, towards the leadership of the association, no to form a group-clan within it. My approach during the exercise of my duties as Chairman of the "Kraja" Association has always been a reflection of a responsibility raised through the structures provided by the association's regulations. Convinced of my innocence to all these accusations, my resignation does not mean escaping from responsibility, on the contrary, I am ready to answer for all the accusations leveled against me during the period when I was the chairman of the "Kraja" Association.

I feel happy that during this period, (December, 2015 - March, 2018), in a period of recovery of the "Kraja" Association, together with its leading staff, I have helped even a little for the affirmation and effort that I have given together with others for the benefit of the association and the community it represents.

I consider my resignation imposed by the general circumstances as well as by the numerous commitments in daily and family affairs as well as my individual projects, where they take me a very long time and not having time to be able to perform them, from the many commitments within the association.

It was a special honor and privilege that I led the "Kraja" Association for these years. It was a special honor and privilege that the local community gave me full confidence to be the leader of their association, because they were always close to me and the leading staff of the association, therefore they deserve a special respect.

I thank all those people who have led the association together for this period of time, because they deserve respect for the work they have done for the "Kraja" Association to be at the level it is today. To all those with whom I had the opportunity to cooperate in the leadership of the association, thanking them for their cooperation so far, I want to ask you to accept my resignation.

I wish the "Kraja" Association and its leadership many successes in the future.

With respect.

President of the "Kraja" Association (resigning)

Hamid Alaj

March, 2018

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