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Information about JSC. "Kraja"



Hamid Alaj The leadership of the Patriotic Association "Kraja", relying on the regulation of the Association in question, since its formation (January 26, 1992) until today, foresees that on the basis of this information, it informs its community and that Albanians in general, what this association of an Albanian-Krajian community represents, a community that lives and operates in the USA, specifically in New York and its surroundings.

I believe that you will find some time to get to know as much as you want about the company. "Kraja", with the content of this information addressed to the local community through the association where they are united, the association which begins its activity in New York, since July 1991.

JSC "Kraja", is a cultural-humanitarian association that was formed on the initiative of a united group of compatriots of the Kraja community, from the region of Kraja with residence in New York and its surroundings. Without leaving aside it should be said that J.A. "Kraja" was formed voluntarily by that local group in order to promote national feelings and through voluntary association to increase the responsibility of each member and sympathizer, to put their skills at the service of tradition, culture and the centuries-old history of the region of the Albanian autochthonous Kraja and to serve it with greater sincerity and efficiency today and its future. This made the purpose of the association effective as a link between its members and to promote their common interests. It is a non-profit, non-party, non-governmental and non-religious association, founded with free and good will by the villagers of the region of Kraja, for humanitarian and charitable purposes. It should not be left out without emphasizing that JSC. "Kraja" aims to protect the interests of fellow villagers of the community it represents, goals that can be achieved through cultural-artistic activities, sports competitions, planning and implementation of humanitarian and charitable activities, etc., all of these as a bridge link between fellow villagers of the territory of Kraja.

JSC "Kraja", in New York with its branch in Kraja, aims to make possible the organization of joint activities of the Kraja community at the service of the issue of the territory of Kraja, the territory from which they come, as well as in the service of the national issue in general, to anticipate the developments of the time. This association was formed to promote good relations in all communities, such as the Albanian and other communities where the population of the territory of Kraja lives in New York and the surrounding area.

The creators of J.A. "Kraja" as well as those who continue to keep it still active, have seen the creation and still find it necessary to continue its very necessary and quite major activities from many main factors, as the saying goes: to know, study, and keep alive the culture, tradition, folklore of the locals, raise to a high level the patriotic feelings as a whole and especially between the locals in particular.

This turned out to be necessary because most of the inhabitants of Kraja have been living in many countries around the world for many years, especially the vast majority of them in the USA, specifically in New York and its surroundings, who had and they need to meet each other and share memories from their villages. But this does not mean that the locals have forgotten their country. They return from time to time to their birthplace where they have their ancestors, where they rest in the summer in the fresh air of villages, mountains, fields and lake shores, where most of them spent the best years of their lives.

We should not throw aside without saying that all the leaders of the USA. "Kraja", we are aware that our association, due to various subjective and objective circumstances, has felt its own shortcomings in the implementation of the discussion points. However, there have been and still are criticisms directed at the Association from outside, criticisms which we accept and take into account, therefore we feel the need to gather together, improve and strengthen the Association in the direction of the greatest rapprochement of compatriots, so that our life becomes more interesting and contemporary.

From all of these that were mentioned above, all of them must be in accordance with the community where changes can be made or necessary tasks can be added, being in compliance with the Regulations of JSC. "Kraja", therefore all this argues the thesis that J.A. "The edge" is a notion that sees progressivity within the community it represents. Therefore, its future is bright, where all the locals look forward to being a bright part of the society they live in.

"Kraja" Association, New York, Kraje

President: Hamid Alaj

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