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The new Presidency and Council of the Kraja Association is formed in New York

The new Presidency and Council of the Kraja Association is formed in New York

On February 3, 2020, the Kraja Association held the first meeting after the general elections, in which case the council and the presidency were formed.

The new council of the Kraja Association consists of: Qamil Demiri, Nefail Lubani, Adnan Huti, Lulzim Popi, Safet Doçi, Cafo Boli, Dul Perashi, Nefail Perashi, Bekim Berjashi, Sami Kanaqi, Naim Haxhimurati, Musa Ardolli, Hamid Alaj, Naim Husiqi , Agim Cana, Musa Hoxha, Shaban Subashi, Kujtim Duraku, Safet Mustafa, Ahmet Vela and Shuqo Braca.

Chairman Mirsad Kovaçi, after welcoming the attendees, wishes the new council good work and thanks them for the contribution they make to the Kraja Association.

Chairman Kovaçi proposes to the new council the candidates for the leadership positions as well as the carrying of different responsibilities from the leadership and councilors.

The proposals of Mayor Kovaçi were unanimously approved by the council through an open vote:

- Hysen Kraja is re-elected to the post of first vice president. Mr. Kraja will also continue to lead the department for information and media.

- Zaim Hajdari is elected to the post of second vice president. Mr. Hajdari will also be in charge of various projects of the Association as well as a representative of the Kraja Association in high-level meetings.

-Ahmet Vela and Safet Doçi will continue to hold the two posts of the Association's secretariat

- The post of Treasurer will be held by Hamid Alaj. Mr. Alaj will also supervise the application of student scholarships that he will present to the council for voting/approval.

After the election of the new chairman, the annual activities of the Association were discussed. It was decided that each activity will have the corresponding directors who will report to the mayor and the council on the progress of the respective activity.


The Kraja Association, as always, has charity and humanitarian activities at the heart of its operational program. Decisions about humanitarian activities are made by the Council of the Association.


The dance program for children as well as the organization of the "Tradita" festival will be under the supervision of Hysen Kraja and his collaborators, Musa Ardolli and Dul Perashi.


- The traditional picnic will be under the supervision of Safet Doçi Naim Haxhimurat and Shuqo Braca, who will form the working group for the organization of this traditional event.


The organization of sports events will be handled by: Agim Cana, Lulzim Popi, Bekim Berjashi and Adnan Huti.


The activities in the homeland are headed by the branch of the Kraja Association there under the leadership of the president Medina Cura and her co-workers.

The Kraja Association thanks the former chairman, Mr. Dul Perash, for his work and contribution for two years at the head of the Kraja Association. Under the leadership of Mr. Perashi, Shoqata Kraja has had continuous growth and unprecedented successes in its history.

The new leadership has pledged that all humanitarian, cultural and sports activities will continue with the same intensity and dedication.

As always, a special thanks goes to our community, which unreservedly supports the activities of the Kraja Association and has been the backbone of our successes!

With respect,

Kraja Association, NY

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