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Two words about expatriates

The holiday season has arrived!

Everyone goes on vacation and rightfully chooses the destination of their choice from the four corners of the world.

But no one has the right to forget his hometown.

It is this season that Kraja is eagerly waiting for to gather in its bosom all its sons and daughters.

You, the sons and daughters of the Kraje, do not hesitate, preach the Kraje, give a hand to rise, make the Kraje happy.

Don't forget the place where you were born, the place where you spent your childhood.

During this season you will visit Ulcinj, and other seasons in the regions, everyone as you wish, but don't forget to visit the Kraja, visit your relatives, friends and enjoy the food that it offers, the food that increases your height, the food best in the world.

Come and tell your children where your manhood comes from, where the traditions are born that we are sure you talk to them every day, tell them where you learned to swim and why not, show them some place in Kraje that reminds them of a beautiful story .

Visit Kraja and give your contribution to raise its economy, because Kraja was filled with life and at the same time, you give it life.

Never forget that our birthplace, Kraja, is the place of New Year's tradition, it is the legendary Kraja, it is the place that is waiting to be reborn again!

Do not hesitate, because in Kraje there is always pleasure and spiritual satisfaction.

"Kraja" Association, New York

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