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Flag day and the paradoxes of Kraja

In continuation of the tradition, the celebration of November 28 - the Day of the Flag and of the Albanian state was organized in the Region.

On this occasion, it was said that these events and dates are connected like flesh and blood, like finger and claw. Because the nation, the state and the flag are inseparable.

On the altar of the creation of the Albanian state (1912-1913) many local fighters fell. They even came from Istanbul, leaving their wealth and house there, while their soul in Tarabosh in the beloved Shkodërlac. Despite the wars and successes on the battlefields, the fox diplomacy of some states made half of the nation and most of these territories remain outside the mother state, which will be limited to its own territories, that is, to itself. We are happy for Kosovo that thanks to successive wars, where the legendary commander Adem Jashari was immortalized, it became independent and in February 2008 it was declared a state.

What do we Albanians outside and around the two Albanian states do? Do you say the desire to achieve the National Union is enough? At least in the European Union, which is now mentioned in the form of a chorus in the diplomatic sphere. We are fed up with such thoughts and promises!

No. No one pays back the debt without finding a way! What about in Kraja and other Albanian territories in Montenegro?

Not denying the achievements for some time after the Second World War with the overthrow of democracy (1990) they expected more. But neither we as politics and politicians did nor are we doing what belongs to us. Clashes destroy our foundations.

What about 2016? Do not repeat? Montenegro with many problems. National division between Serbs and Montenegrins. Regional problems: north-south. Without economic development, infrastructure, roads and water. Under these circumstances, the population is depleted.

In the speech he delivered on November 24, 2016 on the day of the Municipality of Tivari, its chairman dr. Zoran Srzentić did not mention the economic development of Kraja for the following year, we are almost not an integral part of the municipality where he rules. The perspective without any good, without development and without vision, made our lands empty. Just last November, 4-5 local families moved to the USA. With tourist visas and go anywhere, even though the newly elected president is known what he said?!

The great political divisions in Montenegro and the lack of prospects influenced the Republican assembly, out of 81 deputies, 42 belong to the position, including several deputies of national minorities, where one of the Albanian parties also participated. The opposition has 39 deputies. The situation is the same in the Municipality of Tivar: out of 37 councilors: 19 have positions, 18 opposition. As the only councilor from the Albanian coalition, I am in the opposition as they have not accepted any request that we wrote and requested as a condition to go to the position and sign the coalition.

This is not a stable power either in Tivar or at the Republican level. How long will we as Albanians support them with votes and mandates? And them? They offer empty promises that they do not fulfill. As the people say: "Good words are stones in the vest". While on Commune Day, no Albanian song was sung at the solemn meeting, ironically, five days ago (XI.19, 2016) at the "Dita e Gështënja" manifestation that was organized in Krajë, the Albanian song fell under the shadow of to that Slav.

Therefore, Albanian leaders, when we are dealing with major demands of the national issue, let's leave aside personal interests, party divisions and gossip as vices that harm us all. Let's come together to analyze the problems from our own angle and to decide to solve them together and achieve more success. Let it not happen again that 70% of the Albanian votes, primarily regional ones, go to non-Albanian parties, as happened in the parliamentary elections on October 16, 2016, where Albanian parties won only one deputy. (The author is a councilor in the Municipality of Tivar).

Koha Javore, 8 12. 2016

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