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Call for help

Call for help!

!Dear compatriots, friends, comrades and all the rest of you

We would like to inform you that two days ago I received the news that the family of Lan Tahir Cana (officially Canoviq) from the Runj neighborhood of Treve Kraja, appeals for help for their son, Ilmi Lan Cana! But who are Ilmia's parents, of course people know, especially those from the region of Kraja and Shestan. We cannot fully describe their economic situation even though they do their best to support themselves and their children, but as fate would have it, this time they need our help. Ilmi Lan Cana, 23 years old, was diagnosed with a tumor (cancer) in the genital organs and as a result of this disease, he was operated once, and now he must be kept under constant medical control, with which the family of Lan Tahir Cana, from the condition difficult economic situation, it is very difficult for them to afford the necessary expenses for proper and further treatment of their son Ilmia. Although he is now under constant medical supervision, according to some information from doctors, it is said that he may need a second operation. You know that the treatment of such diseases is expensive, and the family has used every income to continue the treatment and to keep their son Ilmina under constant medical control. Your help is more than necessary, a little for this family in need is a lot! On this occasion, we also appeal as an association (Shoqata "Kraja") that has undertaken the collection of aid for the treatment of the boy Ilmi Lan Cana, where we all together have the opportunity to make our contribution! Dear compatriots, we are fully convinced that you and we, together with our best wishes, will be able to collect the necessary aid for this family in need. We are fully convinced that business people, compatriots and all volunteers will come together and come to the aid of this family! You can submit your

:donations to the advisors of the "Kraja" Association, as follows


Hamid Alaj        917-257-4452

Ahmet Vela        718-308-1308

Dul Perashi        347-733-4627

Shuqo Braca        917-617-7003

Safet Doçi        718-873-7987

Agim Cana        973-713-4594

Qamil Demiri        646-821-3678

Lulzim Popi        347-341-2163

Shpetim Bardhi        646-683-3020

Naim Haxhimurati        917-270-9331

With special respect:

Leadership of the Association "Kraja"

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